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Use our product and services to monitor, protect and prevent threats from impacting your assets. Be part of the cyber information exchange community by using FindThreats.com and our cyber services. Integrate existing Intrusion Protection and Detection Systems with FindThreats.com to enhance visibility into cyber threats.


IMWSoftware LLC is set-up to work with government contracts. We are a small business (WOSB) with 20 years experience in designing and developing software products. We cover full life cycle product development from cybersecurity software to generic software development.

Software Architecture

We are a US based start-up located in San Diego, CA. Our areas of expertise spans from Software Development to CyberSecurity to Psychology as it applies to Human Computer interaction. At IMWSoftware we have more than 20 years experience in design, implementation, test and deployment of software products. With more than 10 years experience in CyberSecurity, we provide products and services starting with Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems to advanced Cyber Threat analysis and Cyber Threat Exchange capabilities.


The founders have more than 20 years experience in Cyber Security Industry, Software Architecture and User Design.

Ileana Lehman

Co-founder/software architect

Ileana is a passionate leader who brings more than twenty years software engineering experience. 

Mircea Popescu


Mircea has a BA in Psychology and extensive experience in product design, content management and human-computer interaction. 

Willhelm Lehman

co-founder/software architect

Willhelm brings more than twenty years experience in designing and developing software solutions for CyberSecurity, Data Visualization, Infrastructure using Java technologies.