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CyberSecurity Services

IMWSoftware LLC is a California company based in San Diego which specializes in reporting, integration and sharing of Cyber Threat Intelligence data. Additionally,  IMWSoftware LLC offers software development services such as Reporting and Data Visualization, MongoDB or SQL data integration and RESTful Web Services architecture.

With over 20 years experience, we know what it takes to deliver complex projects.


IMWSoftware LLC enables companies to participate in the Cyber Threat Intelligence data sharing via STIX/TAXII/CVE. Either through or through various integration approaches companies can use the offerings from IMWSoftware LLC  to do the following: 

  • Visualize and report Cyber Threats from STIX/TAXII/CVE
  • Find and analyze Cyber Threat Intelligence data from various repositories.
  • Know where Cyber Threats come from and their intended target
  • Integrate STIX/TAXII/CVE into an existing Cyber Security stack
  • Obtain actionable data such as IPs, URLs, Files from various repositories

Products is a service which allows users to use data from various Cyber Threat Exchanges (CTX repositories).

  • deployed as a service on AWS. Start using the product by creating a user account.
    • Find and visualize Cyber Threat Intelligence information (STIX)
    • STIX Data Integration
  • Find and analyze the latest reported vulnerabilities (CVE)
    • Customize through filters by providing a list of installed software on the network
    • Run comparison charts
    • Run executive reports
  • lock_outline Cyber Threat Intelligence sharing API
    • Integrate data sharing into existing cyber security stack
    • Fetch data from Cyber Threat Intelligence repositories
    • Visualize reports or fetch data in formats such as JSON